About Our Riding

Riding associations are the Conservative Party’s presence in every riding across Canada. 

We hard-working volunteers are the reason our Party has been able to accomplish everything that we have. 

We help select and nominate our candidates. Our generous donations fuels everything our party does. And when election time comes, it is our tireless volunteering that makes the difference between victory and defeat.

As the party’s grassroots, we are on the front lines of ensuring another strong, stable, national, Conservative majority government. 

What’s Next for Edmonton Centre

Edmonton Centre colleagues, 

Our volunteers are working hard to ensure our constituency continues to thrive… Building the Base to 2019….and electing a Conservative MP in the next election. Join us today! 

Loreen Lennon

Our Riding

The electoral district of Edmonton Centre has a population of 106,121 with 193 polling divisions. The boundaries of the riding were redrawn in 2012 and the new boundaries were in effect for the 2015 Federal Election.