2016 President’s Report to AGM

February 14, 2017

2016 President’s Report to AGM January 16, 2017 Loreen Lennon, President

I am always inspired by our members’ commitment to Edmonton Centre, when there are so many calls on our time and energy these days.

I am pleased to have served with a Board of Directors who acted on that commitment every month for the last year, leaving a platform from which we can continue to build toward retaking Edmonton Centre for the “good guys” in 2019.

In the wake of the 2015 election, the focus of 2016 was rebuilding.


  • We sent a full delegation of 10 to the National Policy Convention in Vancouver May 25-27 – 10 delegates plus our candidate James Cumming and two youth delegates
  • We set a record attendance for our Northern Alberta BBQ in August, a testament to rebuilding momentum going forward.
  • We began the task of reconnecting with members with our own BBQ on September 10.
  • Then in late October we cohosted a breakfast fundraiser with Edmonton West to mark the anniversary of the 2015 election.
  • And we had a fun evening with several members and friends watching the US Presidential election on November 8. Afterwards we agreed that’s the kind of impromptu get together we political junkies should have more often!
  • Our financial situation is sound but we will work this year to make it easier to contribute to our EDA, as well as giving you good reasons to do so!

Also our goals this year will include taking advantage of the upcoming Leadership election to connect more often with members and offer more opportunities to get together about common Conservative interests!
As we begin the new year I welcome our new Board members, and thank the outgoing Directors for their work in maintaining Edmonton Centre’s proud reputation as a leader amongst EDAs in Canada.

Finally a sincere thank you to Regional Organizer Dave Prisco and to our National Councillor Steven Dollansky. Together they keep Edmonton Centre well connected to the provincial and national scene.
I look forward to working with everyone in 2017.