Edmonton Centre

Riding associations are the Conservative Party’s presence in every riding across Canada. 

As committed volunteers, our board members work with the party to accomplish our goals for the betterment of Edmonton Centre and Canada.

The Riding 

The electoral district of Edmonton Centre has a population of 109, 941 with 186 polling divisions. The boundaries of the riding were redrawn in 2012 and the new boundaries were in effect for the 2015 Federal Election.

Board of Directors - Executive 2022

At the last Annual General Meeting, 30 volunteers were elected to the Board. Those elected to serve as the Executive Committee are; 

  • President: Erika Barootes
  • Vice President: Brad Sparrow
  • Secretary: Andrew Koning
  • Financial Agent: Brad Gechel
  • Director at Large: Robyn Henwood
  • Member at Large: James Cumming